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Happy New Year 2020!

6 enero 2020

The i25 Touch evolves!

17 enero 2019
precia molen @ Expomina 2018

International mining fair Expomina2018 in Peru

10 septiembre 2018
PRECIA MOLEN group meeting Chennai 2018

PRECIA MOLEN Group in Chennai

MDG PRECIA MOLEN new generation discharge gate

Mines and quarries: the new generation discharge gate

9 noviembre 2017
R1TP Precia molen new platform scale

New R1TP platform scale: weigh everything everywhere.

14 septiembre 2017

1030 employees !

18 julio 2017
Truckflow Precia Molen

Truckflow: weighing performance and user-friendliness with a weighbridge.

4 julio 2017
precia molen group meeting 2017 @ privas

The whole PRECIA MOLEN Group in Privas.

8 junio 2017
i5 precia Molen indicator

i5 Weighing Electronics: Adopt it for these 5 reasons!

23 mayo 2017
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