VS 800

45 years of experience condensed in a new range of weighbridges

    With the VS 800 range, free yourself from the limits of size, weight and implementation of the weighbridge!
  • 3 installation modes
  • Large capacity
  • Large width
  • Low profile
  • Modular length
  • Cleanable
  • Mobile
  • Fits in a container


The modular structure of the VS800 weighbridge makes it possible to constitute a complete range on the basis of standard elements:

– Full-metal version, concrete deck versions cast in the factory or to be cast on site
– Installation in pit, above ground or on compacted ground

Numerous accessories such as access ramps, central decking and wheel guides complete the supply to meet the requirements linked to the site configuration and vehicle traffic patterns.


The sides of the weighbridges are perfectly straight, thus preventing the retention of foreign bodies (especially detrimental in the grain industry and in quarries).


The full-metal version can be implemented using a simple forklift. It is therefore a solution of choice for temporary installations or mobile sites.

Also thought for export: whatever the version, the elements are easily containerizable.

The transformation of ambitious goals into a reality that meets the expectations of our customers

The new range of weighbridges VS800 is designed to adapt to all environments. 3 different models for your specific needs: a portable weighbridge (mobile work site, temporary installation), a concrete weighbridge cast in-factory that can be shipped in a container and be installed on site easily and quickly, or a weighbridge allowing for the shipping of several weighbridges in a single container and necessitating only a small amount of concrete to be cast on-site. Their widths range from 3m to 3m30 and their lengths from 4m to 92m.

As standard, these three models of the VS800 range can be installed in pit, aboveground or on compacted ground. Thanks to their design – straight sides, ground clearance – the weighbridges of the VS800 range prevent foreign body retention and facilitate cleaning.

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